Seating Plans

Colston Hall has three different seating plans. When you select to buy tickets for a particular show, the correct seating plan will appear.

Seating Plan A

Download: Seating_plan_A

Seated: This is an all-seated performance and seats are reserved.

Seating Plan B

Download: Seating_plan_B

General Admission (GA): Front stalls seats are removed to create a standing area and rear stalls seats are unreserved. Stalls ticket holders can choose to sit or stand. Balcony seats are seated and reserved.

Seating Plan C

Download: Seating_Plan_C

Classical: fully seated with the addition of the choir seats.

The Lantern

We also host shows in The Lantern. This is a smaller, flexible space with a number of different seating arrangement options. All seats are unreserved in The Lantern and no seating plan is available. Where possible, the event information will state whether it is a seated or standing performance.


Foyer performances do not have a seating plan or a formalised seating arrangement.