Frequently Asked Questions

Front of House

  • Where is Colston Hall?

    Colston Hall is on Colston Street in Bristol city centre. Our address is: Colston Hall, Colston Street, Bristol BS1 5AR

  • Which train station is closest to Colston Hall?

    Bristol Temple Meads is the closest train station. The number 8 or 9 bus runs between Bristol Temple Meads and the city centre, or it takes approximately 20 minutes to walk.

  • Which bus can I get to Colston Hall?

    It depends where you are coming from, but any bus passing through the city centre would be perfect for coming to Colston Hall. Visit First for all bus timetables and information.

  • Where can I park?

    If you are driving to Colston Hall we recommend Trenchard Street car park which is very close to the Hall. On sell-out show nights, or if there are other events in the city centre, the car park can get quite full so please allow plenty of time.

  • What about disabled parking?

    The ground floor level of Trenchard Street car park has a designated disabled parking area. Please see the Accessibility page of this website for more details.

  • What time does the car park close?

    Trenchard Street car park is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • What is the capacity of Colston Hall?

    The main auditorium holds 1834 for a seated show, 1932 for a general admission (standing) show and 2069 for a classical concert. The Lantern holds 239 for a seated show and up to 300 for a standing show.

  • What is The Lantern?

    The Lantern was formerly named Hall 2. It is our second performance space and is situated in the oldest part of the building.

  • Are there any age restrictions to Colston Hall shows?

    Children aged 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult ticket holder. Sometimes certain shows will impose restrictions, most commonly for comedy shows, in which case it will be stated at the time of booking. If in doubt, please call the box office on 0117 203 4040.

  • Can I smoke in the building?

    Smoking is strictly prohibited in the building. There are designated smoking areas on Colston Street, Trenchard Street and Level 3 bar terrace. Electronic cigarettes are not permitted in the building.

  • Where is the nearest cash machine?

    The closest cash machine is a Link machine in the convenience store on St Augustine’s Parade. A little further is the Santander ATM on the corner of Baldwin Street.

  • Can I bring a camera/video camera to Colston Hall?

    The general answer to this is no. Sometimes it is allowed at school events, so please contact us or ask your child’s school.

  • Can I get up and dance?

    Many shows are designated general admission and the front seats are removed to create a standing area, in which case dancing is positively encouraged. As your safety is of paramount concern if you choose a seat in the front row of the balcony you must remain seated throughout the concert. At seated shows you will be required to remain in your seat, in the interests of the majority of the audience.

  • Will I still be allowed in if I am late?

    Latecomers will be admitted at a suitable break in the performance, unless the artist has requested something different, such as no admittance until the interval.

  • Will the artist take requests or sign autographs?

    This is up to the artists, who will usually announce any meet and greet opportunities on their websites. This is something we have no control over and we’re unable to give artists items to autograph. It is quite unusual for artists to do request songs – usually their set is decided in advance.

  • What do I wear to a classical concert?

    Wear whatever you feel comfortable in, there is no dress code.

  • Where can I store my coat and other such items?

    There is a cloakroom next to the box office on ground floor level and it costs £1 per item.

  • Can wheelchair users access Colston Hall?

    The main auditorium is fully accessible to stalls and balcony. Please mention at the time of booking. Wheelchair users can access The Lantern via a lift. For more information please visit the Accessibility page of this website.

  • What’s the difference between a doors time and a start time?

    Doors times are often given when a promoter does not know the production details of a show in advance. It simply refers to when the doors will open. Typically a show will start either 30 minutes or an hour after the doors time. A start time is when the show will start. It could be a support artist or it could be the main artist – the only way to guarantee that you will see all of the show is to arrive at the time on your ticket.

  • Can I come in after the support, and who is the support?

    We rely on information given to us by promoters about their productions. It is not uncommon for us not to know any information about support artists in advance. However, where we do have that information in advance we will endeavour to let audiences know via our social media channels and on the digital signs located on level 1 and the ground level of the foyer. You may enter the concert at the interval following the support act.

  • How can I find out the running times of shows?

    Call Colston Hall on 0117 203 4040 and select option 1. The system will guide you through show times. Please note that timings are always approximate and subject to change on a nightly basis. Where possible, show times will be available on the phone system a week in advance. If your event is not listed please check back later.

  • Can I come in through the old front doors?

    At the present time this entrance is not in use. Please use the new foyer entrances on Trenchard Street or Colston Street.

  • Who do I call about lost property?

    Call the box office on 0117 203 4040 and a member of staff will try and retrieve the item. Items left for longer than three months are donated to charity.

Working at Colston Hall

  • How do I get a job at Colston Hall?

    Any jobs and tenders that become available are advertised on theJobs and Opportunities page of our website.

  • Can I do my work experience at Colston Hall?

    We are currently unable to offer work experience placements. Please see the Jobs and Opportunities page of our website.

Food and drink

  • Do you have bars and when are they open?

    There is a bar at stalls level 1 and another at balcony level 3. Bars open at least 60 minutes before the start of a show.

    Colston St Bar and Kitchen opening times:

    Monday – Saturday 8am – 11pm
    Sunday 10am – 10.30pm

  • Do the bars take orders for interval drinks and can I pay by card?

    You can order interval drinks prior to the interval. Card transactions are suspended during the interval. Card transactions are only available on orders over £5.

  • What can I get at the bar?

    We serve a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks plus coffee, tea, sweets and ice creams.

  • Can I bring my own alcoholic drinks?

    No, as we are licensed building for the selling and drinking of alcohol, customers cannot bring their own alcohol into the building.

  • Where can I get a bite to eat?

    On our premises we have two venues for grabbing a bite to eat, managed  in partnership with Bath Ales

    Colston Street Bar and Kitchen 

    Monday – Saturday 8am – 11pm
    Sunday 10am – 10.30pm

    Colston St. Bar & Kitchen is on the lower ground floor. This is a warm, inviting and stylish haven to meet with friends after work, before a concert or going into town. Relax with a pint of locally produced ale such as Gem and Dark Side. A full menu is available all day, every day and boasts American and European inspired dishes, great coffee and cakes. The focus is on a fun breakfast (served till 3pm). Other exciting dishes include maple syrup pork belly and chipotle coleslaw, a sharing ice cream sandwich with salt caramel sauce and there is a selection of boozy milkshakes to choose from.

    Highchairs are available on request for the little ones, as well as a bespoke children’s menu, with portions just the right size for smaller tummies.

    For more information call 0117 204 7131 or email


    Monday – Saturday 12pm – 9pm with extended opening hours when there is an event in the main auditorium.

    Bath Ales’ craft beer & pizza bar, offering an extensive range of local and world beers from artisan and independent breweries, as well as delicious, freshly-made, hand-crafted Neapolitan-style pizzas

    For more information call 0117 204 7131 or email

Box office and ticketing

  • Do you sell gift vouchers?

    Yes. Gift vouchers are available online and from the box office – either visit us in person or call 0117 203 4040.

  • What is a general admission show?

    General admission (GA), which is seating plan B (when booking on the internet), is where we take the front seats out of the stalls (everything that is on the flat) to create a standing area. If you buy a stalls ticket for a GA show, you have the choice of either sitting in the unreserved rear stalls or standing at the front (subject to capacity). If you buy a ticket in the balcony for a general admission show you will have to stay in the balcony for the duration of the show.

  • Can I get a refund on my tickets?

    We cannot refund tickets. We operate a resale facility on sold out performances at a cost of 10% per ticket. We will not take tickets back for resale on the day of the performance. No guarantee of resale can be made and the resale of the Hall’s own tickets will take priority. We cannot resell any tickets purchased through a ticket agent.

  • What happens if a show is cancelled?

    If a performance is cancelled, you will be offered a rescheduled date where possible, or a refund of the face value of the ticket only.

  • Why can’t I get through on the phone?

    If you’re calling during our opening hours, it could be because we’re very busy. If you are trying to book for a popular show on first day of sale there will inevitably be a queue. Please be patient, we are answering as quickly as possible and we will get to you. Alternatively please book online.

  • What is my booking reference number?

    We don’t use reference numbers, we use your name and postcode/address as a reference – these are easier to remember.

  • Can I reserve some tickets and pay for them later?

    We can hold tickets for two working days only. We cannot reserve tickets in the last two days before a show or on first day of sale.

  • I have booked tickets for an event at another venue and need to collect the tickets. Where do I need to go?

    If there is time, your tickets will be posted to you. If not then your tickets will be available for collection at the venue where the event is taking place and normally from 30 minutes before the start time.

  • I have not received my tickets. What do I do about it?

    Firstly, don’t worry, it happens from time to time. Are you sure you’ve left enough time for the tickets to have arrived? If there is plenty of time until the show, give it a little while longer. In our experience the vast majority of tickets will arrive. If the show is soon then give us a call, we’ll take the details and duplicate your tickets on the night.

  • I have mislaid my tickets, what do I do?

    Please contact the box office. Lost and forgotten reserved seated tickets can be reprinted at a cost of £1 per ticket. General admission or standing tickets cannot be reprinted.

  • Why will you not duplicate my tickets in advance?

    It is much safer to simply collect your replacement ticket on the way in. That way, you know that you’ll get into the show and we know that you have your ticket.

  • I’ve booked with an agency and haven’t received my tickets, what do I do?

    You need to contact the agency that you booked with. We don’t hold any of your details and will not be able to directly help you. Agencies often post out very close to the show date, so they may not have been posted yet. If you have lost your tickets or you are worried about them, contact the agency you booked through and, if necessary, they will contact us with your details.

  • I’ve been told by my agency to collect from the box office, when can I do this?

    It’s best if you collect on your way into the show – that way we should have received the correct information from the agency. If, for instance, you arrive in the morning, we’ll probably have to advise you to come back later.

  • I’ve been told I’m on the guest list, can you check for me?

    It’s unlikely that we can check for you. We tend to get guest lists about 30–45 minutes before the show starts by which time our phone lines will be closed.

  • I bought my tickets from somebody on an auction site and they’ve not arrived, what do I do?

    We’re sorry, but we’re unable to help you. We don’t suggest you buy tickets in this way.


  • What are you doing about secondary ticketing?

    We are aware that sometimes you can’t get tickets for the shows that you want, and it can be very frustrating when they are listed at inflated prices on auction sites. Promoters often limit the amount of tickets available to one customer and we monitor for suspicious activity.

    Tickets resold at a higher price will entitle Bristol Music Trust to cancel the tickets without prior notification and the holder may be refused entry. This is an important reason why you should only buy tickets from a reputable source.


  • Why are the side balcony seats not available online?

    All the side balcony seats are listed as possible restricted view. We never issue these to agencies and we do not sell them online as the possible restriction can be different for each show and will need explaining.

  • The show I want to see is sold out, how can I get tickets?

    We recommend that you keep in touch with us. Sometimes we have tickets returned or some that become available for any number of reasons. You should call us in the last week before the show and especially on the day.

  • Why do I have to pay a booking fee?

    As of April 2013, legislation has changed that means we need to charge the same booking fee regardless of payment method. Booking fees are calculated as 7.5% of the ticket value and applies to all tickets. This fee contributes to our ticket retail, distribution and technology costs. The amount of these fees helps us cover the costs of getting your tickets to you and technology costs. It helps us to stay an effective business, which in turn, allows us to reinvest in Bristol Music Trust, our technology and the services we provide.

  • What if my question isn’t answered?

    Give us a call on 0117 203 4040 and we will be happy help.

  • Do you issue eTickets?

    We are yet to implement eTickets. This is something we are looking to do in the future.

  • Do I have to pay postage on my tickets?

    The postage costs on transactions are £1.50 when tickets are purchased over the telephone and online. No postage costs occur when tickets are purchased over the counter.

  • How much does it cost to phone the Box Office on 0117 203 4040?

    Calls will be charged at your standard network rate. Our old 0844 number has been changed to 0117 203 4040 meaning there is no additional cost to your call on top of your standard network rate.

Security at Colston Hall

Following the recent events we have consulted with Avon & Somerset police and also our colleagues in similar venues all over the country.

All venues are taking advice from police in our areas and our staff  have been trained in increased vigilance.

The threat level in the UK has been maintained at the same level as it was prior to the attacks, and we are in contact with the Police who will let us know if this changes.

We have never allowed large bags into the auditorium and ticket checking will obviously be very assiduous.

If we are advised at any point in the future of an increased threat level we will take immediate action.

    Where can I leave feedback?

    Your opinion is really important to us and we want to know what you think so we can improve the services that we provide. You can let us have your feedback in any of the following ways:

    By phone – call the box office on 0117 203 4040 and they will be able to advise/direct you to the relevant person.

    By e-mail – you can e-mail us at

    By letter – You can write to us via our Freepost address,

    Colston Hall
    Freepost BS4529
    BS1 5BR