Music education hub receives £1.5 million boost

Bristol Plays Music – the city’s music education hub – is set to receive around £1.5 million over the next three years as part of the Government’s £300 million funding announcement for practical music teaching.

Based at the Colston Hall and run by Bristol Music Trust, the hub supports the education of 20,000 children of all abilities and backgrounds every year. The hub hosts music training, choirs and ensembles at five Music Centres across the city.

Phil Castang, Music Leader at Bristol Plays Music, said: “This money will enable the hub to continue working hard alongside local schools and music leaders to provide high quality music education for the years ahead. We’ll also continue our key projects which include leading the development of a cultural education curriculum for the city and the development of high quality special education needs and disabilities music education.”

The music hub is also set to benefit from the Trust’s £45 million redevelopment of Colston Hall that will further improve the capability of the hub to deliver high quality music education with new, accessible music facilities.

Louise Mitchell, Chief Executive of Bristol Music Trust, said: “The Government has shown a clear vote of confidence in the Bristol Plays Music education hub and the other 130 up-and-down the country given the value that they provide young people.

“This funding will support the pioneering work that the hub is doing on SEND education. In combination with this work, our £45 million transformation project aims for the Trust to become the first National Centre for Advanced Training for young musicians with SEND and give them the opportunity to fulfil their potential.”

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