Exclusive Foyer Performance of The Hunt – 16/09/14

The story of the Kinshasa Symphony Orchestra (OSK) and their choir from the Democratic Republic of Congo is miraculous and uplifting. Against the most extraordinary odds, in a country known for its extreme poverty and violence, conductor Armand Diangienda has proved that music can provide hope and inspiration.

In April 2014, Colston Hall joined with the Halle Orchestra and the Southbank Centre to organise a tour of Kinshasa Symphony Orchestra to Manchester, London and Bristol. As part of this landmark event, the Bristol Plays Music team began work on a unique programme of creative learning for some of Bristol’s most talented young musicians.

Five months later the group, working intensively with internationally renowned South African composer and animateur Eugene Skeef, have produced a suite of music and song entitled ‘The Hunt’.

The musicians came from across Bristol’s communities, and from many musical backgrounds – Classical, Rock, Urban and Contemporary – to learn about Congolese music and culture, and explore friendship, love, conflict and mythology through the concepts of hunter and hunted.

It has been an incredible journey for the participants and leaders alike.

Join us on Tuesday the 16th of September at 6:45pm, immediately before the OSK main performance in the main hall, ‘The Hunt’ will be performed for the first time in the Colston Hall foyer. We may also be joined by members of the Kinshasa Orchestra who have been so impressed by the results that several have asked to perform with the young musicians at this exclusive pre show performance.

Further information can be found here.

“Trained to kill we lose ourselves
Our own feelings put on the shelf
Our orders: to serve and destroy
They don’t understand I’m just a boy”