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Why sign-up to our 45k for £45m campaign?

Bristol Music Trust aims to redevelop Colston Hall and make sure it takes its place as one of the best arts and learning facilities in the country.

We’re making excellent progress towards reaching our £45 million transformation target. We’ve secured £30 million since we launched our Thank You For the Music appeal in September 2014.

Now, we need to crack on and reach the rest of our target. We want to show the Government, private donors and other funding organisations the wholehearted support of the Bristol community and beyond for our transformation plans.

This is where the 45k for £45m campaign comes in. We aim to sign-up 45,000 people to back our plans.

What will you do with the sign-ups from the campaign?

Every time we make a case to funders for investment towards our £45 million target, we’ll use the number of sign-ups to prove how much the people of Bristol and the South West want the Hall to be redeveloped.

A strong show of community support could be the difference between the city being selected for arts investment or failing our target. Every sign-up to campaign helps us push toward our aims to:

  • Create revitalised concert halls worthy of the 21st century.
  • Achieve improved music education standards for the children and young people in Bristol;
  • Boost the Bristol economy by tens of millions of pounds each year;

How you can help us

Supporting the campaign is simple. A simple click of the “I’m in” button above or a share of this page acts as a pledge of support. You can use any of the Social Media channels above. All Likes and Shares will be added to the total.

If you aren’t on Social Media, please email us at transformthehall@colstonhall.org to register your support.

Learn more about our campaign.

Our Chief Executive launched the campaign with a column encouraging people to sign-up to the campaign. You can also learn more about the people supporting our campaign from across enterprise, education and entertainment.

Entertainment Case Study: Tanya Lacey 

Education Case Study: Tony Briscoe

Enterprise Case Study: Mark Wheatley

And remember…

Please encourage your friends and family to sign-up to the campaign. Or if you are a business owner and can publicise our campaign in your premises, please let us know.

If you want to know more about the transformation, visit our webpage www.colstonhall.org/transformation